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Waiting for Godot

Ode to Beckett Diminishing spiral lost in ennui. Mere speculations my dear Valdimir. Di’s deferment of Estragon’s forfeit, Go go and show me nothing is coming. Displacement, my hat, controlling nothing, I stare deep into its hollow abyss. We are … Continue reading

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Better With Age

Does Anything get better with Age? In this, another age of losing, Does the sense of life improve? It is harder to remember the day she died. Is there something you would like to see again? I do wear my … Continue reading

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auguries of innocence William Blake

World shows its face in a Grain of Salt Heaven is in a Wild Flower Forever is in the palm of your hand Eternity is ticking in a clock A little blue bird is in the Cage All the sky … Continue reading

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O’Conner’s Peacock’s The best English teacher I ever had was Karen Bladyes. She took me to the Monastery of the Holy Spirit to meet Flannery O’Connor’s Peacocks. I did not know at sixteen how significant that private field trip would become… … Continue reading

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Where have the colors gone my red red rose? I will come to you again. Beyond this Ulster town, the wind blows yellow leaves around. Fare thee well my bonnie lass. Fare thee well my blonde haired love. Your pale … Continue reading

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Decree of Rejection

by Gigi Fris Gazing out through stained gold glass Heart resonating nostalgically for seasons past Filled with jollity: cinnamon, clove scented Christmas cookies; lilting, venerable carols Purple goblets of sweet tongued wassail Tastes and comforts now forever lamented For this … Continue reading

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Headed to True

All of you keep climbing My eyes are giving yes praise, Encouragement to carry on to Truth. Keep climbing up, while Traveling down from this mountain Rivers flowing in time Reminds us of All time. At this height, so far … Continue reading

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Sing with Me

Softly, sing with me, help me to trust sleep. The night is long, turn and the day is gone. Pull me to your beating heart, with arms strong Squeeze me tight so I can know I’m not alone. How old … Continue reading

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Dagger Dreams

Leaning in the corner is a baseball bat. Under the pillow is a snake sheath dagger. She fears they will come, So she keeps the pepper spray near. She missed the peace train and has been Trembling ever since, Thinking … Continue reading

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Compartmentalizing Atoms

Splitting atoms is the colossal cracking version of Splitting hairs, or preferably nanowhiskers, I imagine a useful Blend, nanowhisker, latex, nanowhisker, latex Improving surgical gloves. Different elements with different masses Require a different layer of protection. Thicker layers of protection … Continue reading

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