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rejoice in reading and writing

Gloria Choo loaned me a book “Rubyfruit Jungle” by Rita Mae Brown, and it was shocking, I was leaving home. She took me to a safe house and once there I helped some girl with her math homework. It felt … Continue reading

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Forgiveness lights in my heart like a bluebird on the bush in the window. I could not force myself there but Several things I had to do. First I had to install a window above the kitchen sink. Then I … Continue reading

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Summer chases me through nights trapped in Plath’s Bell Jar. I hear the story ringing and tinging on the glass. Summer nights scream to me “dream the moon.” Like childhood tea parties, at the bottom of the pool, don’t stay … Continue reading

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Sing with Me

Softly, sing with me, help me to trust sleep. The night is long, turn and the day is gone. Pull me to your beating heart, with arms strong Squeeze me tight so I can know I’m not alone. How old … Continue reading

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Dagger Dreams

Leaning in the corner is a baseball bat. Under the pillow is a snake sheath dagger. She fears they will come, So she keeps the pepper spray near. She missed the peace train and has been Trembling ever since, Thinking … Continue reading

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