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It is the waiting that gets to you, waiting to be somebody, somewhere. When you have lost your way and you are unsure about the new direction it gets to you. I find myself jealous of those who seem to … Continue reading

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this is the year of winners I will, win in my battle against my brain cancer I eagerly await the return of my memory I work on it every day. Since I have no job, healing is my responsibility. I … Continue reading

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Never Fade Away

Don’t allow Biology to limit your view of You. Life is not like a machine. When it is explained as standard and mechanistic The approach is too limited. Ancient philosophy of science is a step back in time That shares … Continue reading

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Being a Loser

I. Losers must be courageous These are the days of losing: So let us go then You and I into the Fields of Wonder. First my mind wandered off, Being that it was my most cherished asset I was devastated … Continue reading

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Summer chases me through nights trapped in Plath’s Bell Jar. I hear the story ringing and tinging on the glass. Summer nights scream to me “dream the moon.” Like childhood tea parties, at the bottom of the pool, don’t stay … Continue reading

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