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the red fox

You pounce on life like a red fox. There is so much that you have done and will do. You have and do take care of me and inspire me to pounce. I think of you when I need to … Continue reading

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It is the waiting that gets to you, waiting to be somebody, somewhere. When you have lost your way and you are unsure about the new direction it gets to you. I find myself jealous of those who seem to … Continue reading

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Forgiveness lights in my heart like a bluebird on the bush in the window. I could not force myself there but Several things I had to do. First I had to install a window above the kitchen sink. Then I … Continue reading

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Remember that these attitudes will haunt you For judging and not listening Thinking others are Stupid and always wrong Be forgiving like MLK and Ghandi encouraged us Be slow and restful Be soft like lambs wool Be thin and gentle … Continue reading

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a bedtime story   I don’t smoke tobacco   When I wake my arms I stretch wide to  the sun, The front door squeeks   I stretch my arms wide Standing in the glowing sun Lovely Barbara brings me a … Continue reading

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Even the graveyards grow lonely, stones and bones that fail to sing, the hearts that will not pound. It is night, night, night, so black we can not see, as though we are blind inside our hearts, as though we … Continue reading

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Headed to True

All of you keep climbing My eyes are giving yes praise, Encouragement to carry on to Truth. Keep climbing up, while Traveling down from this mountain Rivers flowing in time Reminds us of All time. At this height, so far … Continue reading

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Lyrics to “So Many Planes”

I moved to a cheaper place On the South side of Town So I would have more time To just hang around. It’s over by the airport Where the planes touch down. And I wish that I knew What’s on … Continue reading

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