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Hatch Saloth Sar held power, pure power over all. Under his totalitarian rule the women of childbearing age were caged within the fence. The men were enlisted as work force soldiers, Warriors, or Commandants. Soldiers lived outside the gates while … Continue reading

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Sexton in the Sanctuary

My quiet time in the chapel was crackin’ me up because what I first thought were the worker guys planning a big job revealed in time to be a team of project fundraisers discussing fiduciary issues whose details were veiled … Continue reading

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Building Connections

MA Wood sculpture  Click link to view sculpture and explication.

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Teaching and Learning to Write

Write in order to see a reflection of your own mind. Write to love the self and to know the self. Write to process all emotions fair or foul. Write to witness who and what you believe. Write for your future … Continue reading

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She closed the book, placed it on the table, and finally, decided to walk through the door. The letter to her father protruded an inch or so from its leaves. He would be sure to see the “Daddy” boldly scrawled … Continue reading

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