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Water God

Poseidon with your trident and your turtle You are a water God; the world needs your burble. Teach us new ways to make the water clean Ways that we have not yet seen. Purify and filtrate our water so that … Continue reading

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Back when they were boys

Wet dragons red and green on the bathroom floor Thousand legos long for order- clean clothes spinning dutifully, while dirty socks lie in the hall. Bedtime comes too soon for all, comes with stories and snack and yet, can’t I … Continue reading

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It is the waiting that gets to you, waiting to be somebody, somewhere. When you have lost your way and you are unsure about the new direction it gets to you. I find myself jealous of those who seem to … Continue reading

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Remember that these attitudes will haunt you For judging and not listening Thinking others are Stupid and always wrong Be forgiving like MLK and Ghandi encouraged us Be slow and restful Be soft like lambs wool Be thin and gentle … Continue reading

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fast food workers get a raise erase the mark of former prisoners help all people learn to read and write help people to maintain a belief in change case dismissed and sealed, embarrassment relieved forgiveness is not so strange. How … Continue reading

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Writing Off “Those Kids”

Writing Off "Those Kids".

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Guide for Teacher Waiting

Making students feel comfortable and welcomed in a classroom makes all the difference. Fine learning environments can be very intimidating to students who might not ask questions. They might not have a pleasant experience, which means they probably won’t return. … Continue reading

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