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Walk in the Woods

    Peering into the sea, I see the rise and fall of my heart beat and my blood flows now like the highs and lows of the tides chasing the pulls and running from the pushes of the moon’s … Continue reading

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Waiting For Reason

  Waiting for our reasons, Dead voices make a noise like flapping. Like paper. No, it’s like a power supply hum. Talking to themselves together. Hushed voices crackle. Whispering they whir On and on the Stories of the days of … Continue reading

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Waiting for Godot

Ode to Beckett Diminishing spiral lost in ennui. Mere speculations my dear Valdimir. Di’s deferment of Estragon’s forfeit, Go go and show me nothing is coming. Displacement, my hat, controlling nothing, I stare deep into its hollow abyss. We are … Continue reading

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the red fox

You pounce on life like a red fox. There is so much that you have done and will do. You have and do take care of me and inspire me to pounce. I think of you when I need to … Continue reading

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Water God

Poseidon with your trident and your turtle You are a water God; the world needs your burble. Teach us new ways to make the water clean Ways that we have not yet seen. Purify and filtrate our water so that … Continue reading

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serenity and tranquility

“To learn and practice serenity and tranquility is to be one with the universal path with full awareness…If we don’t awaken to it, we will never have a chance to be grateful for this serenity and tranquility.” To do this … Continue reading

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two great aunts

I remember never as much as Aunt Nervina, with her night shift fingers makings dolls, and her photos, and her pale skin. I do these chores, never as thoroughly as Aunt Demitt, with her hoeing the peas, and flower beds, … Continue reading

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Back when they were boys

Wet dragons red and green on the bathroom floor Thousand legos long for order- clean clothes spinning dutifully, while dirty socks lie in the hall. Bedtime comes too soon for all, comes with stories and snack and yet, can’t I … Continue reading

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Chores When the time comes,Change the bedsheets. Wash, dry and fold the dirty ones. Boil some beets. Clean the kitchen and the bathroom. Take a photo of the family tomb. Put the washed and dried dishes back in the cabinets. … Continue reading

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It is the waiting that gets to you, waiting to be somebody, somewhere. When you have lost your way and you are unsure about the new direction it gets to you. I find myself jealous of those who seem to … Continue reading

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