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Walk in the Woods

    Peering into the sea, I see the rise and fall of my heart beat and my blood flows now like the highs and lows of the tides chasing the pulls and running from the pushes of the moon’s … Continue reading

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A Song of Lost Love

What do I have to say to you Will we meet? I lie here thinking of you. Love Is upon you. Reminding you of spring flowers, It tastes like rare herbs. Instinctively we feel that something is askew Heavily it … Continue reading

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Silent Forest (the value of dead wood)

Coastal first nations are Absolutely against the Slithering black snake. Ghosts of ecological achievements Haunt the Tar sands. Years of litigation Spook Future Generations, while Global Eco Crises Whistle in the wind. Economic value of Cut timber Fells green initiatives. … Continue reading

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Through the night comes the Coywolf cry. Those white eyes, those white eyes shine through the night. Mama raccoon strains Kit to her bosom with a convulsive grasp. She lay on the September straw. The strokes of the teeth impale … Continue reading

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Willow Weeping

Sun has abandoned our forlorn hemisphere, Willow sways at the water’s edge Her wisps dangle, dancing alone. Missing the shimmy of leaves Long since gone, Their brilliant colors Browned and forgotten, Her yellows and greens Spread grey to match Sky … Continue reading

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