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Better With Age

Does Anything get better with Age? In this, another age of losing, Does the sense of life improve? It is harder to remember the day she died. Is there something you would like to see again? I do wear my … Continue reading

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homeless child in subway

The Savage of the Subway In the labyrinthian subway, The lonely city streets o’er head, I heard within the sound all said A moan. It seemed my heart to flay. The people near were flowing past Under the bright lights … Continue reading

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Even the graveyards grow lonely, stones and bones that fail to sing, the hearts that will not pound. It is night, night, night, so black we can not see, as though we are blind inside our hearts, as though we … Continue reading

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Sing with Me

Softly, sing with me, help me to trust sleep. The night is long, turn and the day is gone. Pull me to your beating heart, with arms strong Squeeze me tight so I can know I’m not alone. How old … Continue reading

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Ghost Stories

Gaze ever into cloud dotted blue skies From the comfort of this four posted bed. Is there anyone for him to talk to, An opthamologist of blue skies Who can diagnose those faraway eyes, Examine the visionary’s vision, Then prescribe … Continue reading

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