Born in South Carolina, raised in Atlanta, m.a. wood relocated to Annandale-on-Hudson New York as a teen. There she attended Bard College. She worked as a recreation therapist for ten years and then moved into the business world, specifically working with healthful food, party and retreat planning, and hotel management. She did a short stint as the 3rd mate on the Clearwater and then decided to go into teaching. She is an English Language Arts teacher.


3 Responses to BIO

  1. Jane Stabile says:

    you are a peach , Ma Wood…and a fine writer —–so take heart —-you deserve the best…….

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  2. Mary Kendall says:

    Your ‘Waiting for Reason’ poem brought me to your blog today. It’s always great to find other poets whose work I enjoy.

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  3. JC says:

    Thanks for the ‘like’ on my comments… Galveston 1900


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