serenity and tranquility

“To learn and practice serenity and tranquility is to be one with the universal path with full awareness…If we don’t awaken to it, we will never have a chance to be grateful for this serenity and tranquility.”

To do this I study flowers. This week I was studying my yellow primrose and my anise hyssop. The yellow primrose is a harbinger of serenity and the anise hyssop brings tranquility together these flowers bring me beautiful gifts. Largely, I love to watch the honeybees. May and June sing a beautiful tune.

I salute you with my longing and desire. Oh what a blessing fills me with desire. The beauty of your flowers gives me a sense of power. The green grass grows. And peacefulness knows, how to calm my restless soul. Eat toast smeared with avocados. Drink water instead of beer. Naturally, release grief. Embrace belief. Hold tight to summer sun. Believe that it is fun. Hope you will someday return to the days of wine and roses. Water the flowers with long hoses. Notice what you love in the truth, do not follow useless lies. I want to see, irreproachable. Highly unlikely I imagine. I live at the edge of the river where I can hear the passing trains in the night. The birds hop about the lawn. The spring birth is born again. So lucid in your belief of beauty.  Listen to bossa nova. Play chess and don’t forget to adore and respect the power of the queen. Sew her head with a golden thread. Illuminate the perceptions of the love, for people desire to see and feel love. Megan has chickens and promised me eggs. As a team we play a stronger game. Make a pinata out of Donald Trump and work as a team. Do not stress out, instead, fall asleep and dream. Drink chamomile tea. Take long deep breaths in, and an even longer exhales. The yellow primrose is born again. To the pleasure of the baby wren. What a perfect stratagem. Anise Hyssop also easily blooms making a lovely tea. In spring it comes soon and entices the honey bee. Both of these flowers call out a tune of serenity.


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